Life is Really Good!

 Life is Really Good? 

Cindy Moss' Story .....(Beauty for Ashes)

     My name is Cindy Hunter Moss and I was born and raised in Montrose, Co.  I’m a native, home town girl from Colorado.  Growing up I had a great family and good friends who loved me.  I was an athlete in our community, well known and liked and had everything going for me; so it seemed .  The one thing that no one knew, was that I was broken on the inside.  I’m not even sure if I knew it at the time.  I started smoking pot at the age of 11, got into doing Cocaine at 19, Methamphetamines at 32;  and by age of 34 I was selling drugs to keep from coming down. My addiction was out of control.  I was arrested at 38 - was booked and bonded out of the Montrose County jail, and ran to Mexico.


     This is when things got bad.  Really bad!  Several months later, with blood coming out of my eyes, I cried out to God; whom I didn’t even know.  I cried, “God, if You’re real, YOU show me!  I will spend the rest of my life in prison, just don’t let me die”.  No one knew where I was, and no one could help me.  But God!!  Two days later I was surrounded by police and was arrested, or “rescued” as they say. 

     I fell in love with the Lord that night.  He came to me and has never left me.  He rescued me, delivered me from addiction and death, torment and violence and sorrow, grief and pain.   He came and loved me just the way I was that night and still loves me just the way I am today.   Great is His Mercy and Love!

     I receive an 8 year prison sentence for possession and distribution of a controlled substance, which is a class 3 Felony.  I found myself in prison at the age of 40…serving my time at the Colorado Department of Corrections.    

That was 14 years ago, and my life has never been the same since that night I cried out to God.

     I am now a minister of the Gospel and involved with several ministry teams; ministering healing, deliverance and love in the community.  We love the unlovable; reach out to the needy, to the addicted,  the homeless,  to felons, ex-felons and those that are in jails and prisons.  I’m the director of a prayer ministry called CCRT “Sozo” ministry in Montrose and oversee the CCRT Sozo ministries in our Region.  I am also part of a team of Pastor’s and Leaders here on the western slope, which includes Grand Junction, Delta, Montrose, Telluride, Cortez, and the four corners.

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